First Impressions

So far Korea is very much what I thought it would be. All of my research has paid off for once! I know to watch out for spit on the road and to not take offence when old ladies body chuck you without offering the ‘sorry glance’.

Upon arrival to Daegu my new boss met me at the bus station and took my around a bit so I could get acquainted with my new home. We went for burgers…yes burgers, but they had cute little bunnies outside the restaurant so it was okay. I saw a huge 747 jet that had been converted into a restaurant, huge swan paddle boats and strange outdoor exercise equipment used primarily by the elderly…I knew I would like it here.

My apartment is small but comfortable. It’s basically a square with a queen bed, a tv, a table and a wardrobe. The bathroom is a typical Korean bathroom with no designated shower area…water just goes all over and drains in the middle of the floor. I have a tiny kitchen and a small storage area with a washing machine. Oh and the floors are heated! Provides very cool sensations of your feet or bum. My boss was supposed to stack my apartment with things like dishes, sheets and furniture, which he mostly did but I will eventually need more than one plate, one mug and one set of silverware to eat from. Yesterday I had a couple of friends come over and I had to serve whisky in a bowl, haha. I’m not too fussy though because compared to some horror stories I’ve heard I should be thankful I got what I got. Within two days I got cable (some English channels!), Internet and a landline that I can send and receive texts from. I haven’t actually learned how to actually do that yet but once technical support (Evert) arrives I’ll figure it out.

My school is about a 15-minute power walk and the downtown core is a 10-minute cab ride that cost about $6! The people I work with seem nice including two other full time foreign teachers who are both from the States. My one co-worker Monica has been here for about two months so she is being super helpful showing me the ropes and introducing me to the city.

Yesterday was my birthday!!! Woohoo!! I was sceptical as to how it would turn out but it was great! During the day I ventured downtown and met up with an old co-worker from La Cachette. She lives outside of Daegu but spends most of her weekends here as she knows lots of people. She introduced me to some more ex-pats and we all went for some Korean food. I’ve had Korean food here and there in Toronto but it was much tastier here! And cheap too! The entire feast with shots of soju (Korean style vodka) was $7! At night my co-worker, her boyfriend and I went out dancing (Koreans can dance!) and then to some odd bar where the employees match you up with other singles. Of course I said I had a boyfriend but at the end of the night I realized the cool neon bracelet they put of my wrist wasn’t a gift but really was a sign that I was there alone. Oops! Now I know!

I’m still getting used to the 14-hour time change but other than that I feel pretty at home here. Maybe it hasn’t hit yet or maybe the adrenaline hasn’t dissipated yet but so far so good! Evert, my long lost estranged boyfriend arrives in 12 days! Very excited to explore the city with someone and not have to worry about not finding my way home. Well I don’t expect him to be much better than me but it beats being lost alone, right?

Off I go now to explore some more and work on my lesson plans. I start teaching on Tuesday and want to know what I’m doing! For those of you who have asked for my address I’m afraid I have no idea what the hell my address is. Everything is in Korean, (I checked everybody’s mail…shhh) and I can’t find my location on google maps. Now you may be thinking that I am just being my dense self BUT this is a problem for many, NOT just me. I always have to tell taxis to take me to this art centre where I can walk home from. Yesterday I tried to direct the taxi to my place and got lost. The majority of street names are in Korean and until I can decipher between the chicken shops and corner stores, this is what I gotta do or who knows where I will end up. Maybe I’m defensive…but no, I know what most of you are thinking! Shame!

I hope my first ever blog entry ever is everything that ya’ll hoped for. Once tech support arrives I will learn how to add pictures and videos to spruce it up. Also I will learn how to write a blog 🙂 Until then, I love you all!



About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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2 Responses to First Impressions

  1. Megan says:

    Sounds wonderful Roxy!

  2. Alicia says:

    Love it! Sounds like a real adventure. I can’t wait to hear more

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