Evert is here too

Hello! I’m the other person who’s supposed to post to this blog. I’ve been in Deagu for almost a week now, so if you (whoever you are) are interested, here’s my first impressions.

One of the first things I felt was that Korea is very much alike Europe and North America. For some reason I was a bit worried getting a bit culture shocked, but everything actually felt quite comfortable right away; with a few exceptions:

Crazy huh?

Some other things that you may or may not know:

Typical street in our hood

Typical street in our hood

  • There’s barely any sidewalks, except on major streets. The road is shared between cars and pedestrians and it seems there are little rules.
  • The food is great! I have a natural aversion against seafood that I hope to overcome during this trip, but everything else I had was great.
  • Soju rocks, and it’s very cheap (5000 won for a bottle @ the bar).
  • Everybody is very helpful and friendly, even if you don’t know their language. I got free cookies with my coffee the other day.
  • Apparently you can order McDonalds in. I’m not a big fan myself, but I must try this. Perhaps I can do this once I learn my address.
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One Response to Evert is here too

  1. aaron says:

    hahah wow those horizontal light switches blew my mind.. do you find they are better for fumbling in the middle of the dark?

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