I, Roxy have been m.i.a. for sometime now…I’ve been sick! Twice in one month but happy to say I’m expecting a full recovery. In recent weeks Evert and I have been keeping busy doing Korean things all the while meeting more and more people foreigners and Koreans alike.  We’ve also been working hard to complete Donkey Kong on the Wii.  Almost there!

Christmas in Korea is not as big as back home but it is still widely celebrated. My school was closed for Christmas Day so we had a three day weekend! On the big day we saw the longest running show in Korea called Nanta, which is a Stomp-esque show but instead of brooms they use of kitchen knives to create beats.  Boxing day we were to go ice skating but opted out due to my sickness but we still met up with a dozen other foreigners for some quality Korean BBQ followed by a gift exchange where Evert and I got a pink apron, two cacti and a dancing monkey :).

Life has also improved due to the following reasons:

  • We got a Korean wii adapter so we can play wii.
  • We completed Donkey Kong 3 and are now working on Donkey Kong 2 (on the wii).
  • Evert got a coffee maker from Santa.
  • We have discovered the best tasting burgers possibly ever at a joint called Gorilla Burger, where our good Korean friend, Vivian, also happens to work!
  • Evert bought me a scarf so I can fight the coldness!
  • I’ve been here over a month and I still haven’t used a squatty potty 🙂
  • We met our landlord who came in while I was cooking lunch…he didn’t knock or anything but was on the enjoyable side none the less.
  • I’m getting better at using chopsticks for everything!
  • I got a bank account!
  • I can easily guide a taxi driver to our apartment in Korean 🙂

We discovered a cool market selling endless amounts of fish and electronics. Here is a short video:


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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5 Responses to Christmas

  1. sophie says:

    sounds wonderful Roxy!!! Get well, stay warm and have a fantastic New Year…

  2. Christy says:

    RoXY and EVERT!!! This is awesome. i want to buy some of these veggies!

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

    Keep posting…

  3. Nic says:

    you have now used a squatty. ahahaha

  4. angela says:

    why do they stack everything in lil piles in front of boxes of that same item?? apple pile in front of apples!!

  5. evertrooftop says:

    You buy the fruit by the pile! 🙂

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