Making pasta

By Evert – Pasta is along with burritos my favourite food. Thankfully it’s extremely easy to make, wherever you are.



Today I used zucchini, red and yellow bellpeppers, green peppers, beansprouts and onion.

Frying the veggies

Frying the veggies

I’m not much a traditional pasta maker, i just enjoy putting a lot of veggies in. I try to make sure that the zucchini goes in first, to get it well cooked. Around the same time as I start the veggies I also start cooking the pasta.

Adding the pasta sauce

Adding the pasta sauce

I kind of just cheat with my pasta. I just buy a jar of pasta sauce from the convenience store. The only english word that was on there was ‘meat’, which I’m sure isn’t a good indicator.. so yes, there is some minced meat in there. Not as fresh as I’d like, but I did read an easy recipe for alfredo sauce the other day, which I might give a shot.

Finished product!

Finished product!

My choice of pasta at the moment is macaroni. I don’t like spaghetti as much (the only other choice in local stores) because it’s just harder to eat.

This is my comfort food.

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3 Responses to Making pasta

  1. NicFish says:

    This is almost to the letter what I heard about in the taxi!! lol
    Brilliant though, does look delicious. I’m coming over for dinner ;-D

  2. evertrooftop says:

    Well consider yourself invited!

  3. Geke says:

    Dat ziet er lekker uit

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