Downtown Daegu

Evert – I just shot this one while walking through downtown daegu, in December. Might give you an idea on how the city is like.

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2 Responses to Downtown Daegu

  1. jean says:

    Hi Roxy,

    Me and my family are going to Daegu-> andonggyoju-> jinghae… i would like to ask what is the must try food in these areas? n where can we get it?

    best regards

    • roxykesh says:

      Hi Jean,

      Sorry for the late reply…A must try food in Daegu is Korean BBQ. Its not like how it is back home, it’s REAL here! You can ask for ‘sam-gap-sal’ which is pork or galbi which is my personal favourite, marinated beef, hmmm. You will also have to try kimchi and try it a few times as it takes some getting used to. Enjoy daegu! 😉

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