Board Games & Cat Cafes…Canada’s future? I hope so!

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Fun time with friends and family, a little healthy competition and abusing the losers verbally and physically depending on your coolness. Now how many board games does the average person own? Maybe a few to a dozen, either way not enough. In Daegu I’ve discovered two board game cafes in the downtown area where you can go and choose from dozens of games and play until your heart’s content. It’s very cheap too!

They have methods of torturing losers including hitting them with squeaky hammers or dropping this pizza pan onto your head. Many Koreans will ask us to hit them because it's extra funny to make the losers go up to non-Koreans and speak English.

Enjoying some games

Another semi-recent discovery is the Cat Cafe. I’m a huge animal person and haven’t had any animal lovin’ since being in Korea. I was itching for a fix until one day a fellow foreigner told me about a cafe where they house several cats including a fennec fox.

Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of people googling ‘Daegu board game cafe’ probably looking for directions. The board game cafe is located downtown across from Teenie Weenie on the 4th floor.


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My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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7 Responses to Board Games & Cat Cafes…Canada’s future? I hope so!

  1. jens says:

    loving the pizza pan.. great idea.. they have settlers of catan over there?

  2. evertrooftop says:

    Settlers of catan was like the #1 game =)

  3. edgard cuadra says:

    a cafe dedicated to board games does sound cool. I know of a cafe in st.kits (Stregas) that had some board games you could play.

    My favorite game is monopoly!

    • roxykesh says:

      I’ve never heard of Stregas but I’ve also been out of the St.Kitts loop. I will check it out next time I’m home. But no monopoly…that game stresses me out!

  4. Leon says:

    Well boardgame cafes are hitting Canada slowly but are booming! Me and my business partner are actually launching one of our own in Calgary, Alberta. There is a few in Ottawa and a extremely successful one called Snakes and Lattes in Toronto, Ontario!

    • roxykesh says:

      Yes, since I wrote this blogpost I have learned about snakes and lattes. It’s funny because it’s in the middle of Koreatown in Toronto. I like it even more than board game cafes in Korea because they have a liquor license! I look forward to more popping up in Toronto and throughout Canada!

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