Scavenger Hunt

Every year Daegu holds a festival downtown called Dongseongno Festival. It’s the summer’s largest festival  to encourage foreigner-Korean relations.  From what I saw they had a talent show, beauty contest, full body painting, beer drinking contest and a scavenger hunt. I could never resist a good scavenger hunt so I got a couple of good friends and off we went. When we received our list of 100 to dos we were about to throw in the towel. I mean pose for a pic with a Korean policeman and then have him arrest you! Interrupting an innocent couple enjoying a day at the Nooribong (singing room) and joining them for a song, which we had to do twice because my lovely teammate deleted the first video!

Koreans are pretty conservative and I’m hesitant to ask for ridiculous favors but…we got into it. One team member went as far as piercing her nose. Here is some media evidence.

Started off easy enough- posing with a Korean soldier. The sad face was a bonus.

Find a couple with a matching couple set (populer here) and get them to do a "Dong Chim" which translates to sticking fingers up one's butt (also popular here).

Handing out free samples.

Posing with a sexy window display.

They tried.

I also have a few videos of my teammate Kylie and I break dancing. Breakin’ in da Streetz Mind you neither of us are breakers but that didn’t stop us. Another video of me Chugging a cup of hot ass Dukbokki (Red chili liquid).

In the end we came in 8th place and didn’t win a hotel room or a gift certificate but I’d still say we were the real winners because we improved our Korean relations…whatever!


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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2 Responses to Scavenger Hunt

  1. Alison Burghardt says:

    Hey girl 🙂 I’ve TOTALLY been following your Korean adventures and I’m just looooving them!!! It looks like you’re having an amazing time! I’m finished my degree at the end of this summer and my bf and I are trying to go to Korea for a year afterwards to teach too!! I must say, your photos and videos have been quite the inspiration 🙂 Miss you like woah!!

    • roxykesh says:

      Baby AliB that’s amazing! Congrats on your degree! I will have to creep your fb to see this boyfriend…you have good taste so I’m not worried. Let me know if I can help you guys in any way. I’m also here until Dec.1st so come before then, ok? Also I just watched a trailer for “Eat, Pray, Love”. Did not know that it’s now a movie! I just recently read it and remembered you telling me how the girl reminded you of me. Miss you too girl and sooooooo happy for you!!!

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