Daegu Summers are HOT HOT HOT

The summer here has been a scorcher and I’m glad it’s almost over. One great thing about summer in Daegu has been the constant stream of festivals and activities going on every weekend. So far I’ve been to a Mud Festival where you celebrate mud and it’s aesthetic value, a Fireworks Festival where I saw crazy fireworks, Suseong Water Festival where you beat the heat with water activities, Busan International Music Fest and this upcoming weekend there is a Body Painting Festival and the World Firefighter Games which I’ll be attending with my first visitor from back home! A closer look below…

Bureyong Mud Fest

Wikipedia says the nutrient saturated mud from Mud Fest is dug up at a nearby location and dumped in ‘Mud Experience Land’. No one knows that though because Mud Fest is just another excuse to go nuts. It’s mostly popular with foreign teachers around Korea but that brings in thousands of tourists and provide a nice little boost to their local economy.

A prison where you are punished by being hosed down with mud! There was also mud wrestling, obstacle courses, mud slide and mud pools.


My umbrella had no chance against the gusty wind and heavy rain!

My umbrella had no chance against the gusty wind and heavy rain!


This guy's friends buried him because he lost a bet...fair enough but with the rain he couldn't see or breathe very well! I gave him a couple of minutes rest until I got distracted myself!

Suseong-gu Water Festival

This festival happened to be right by my apartment which is a bit south of the city center. It was next to Suseong Lake which has a little amusement park with mini-putt and an airplane restaurant! I have never been inside the airplane but it looks very cool. The festivities included swan paddle boat races, a water gun zone and an ice walk which really hurt your feet! I have to admit I was laughing at the little kids who wimped out half way through the walk but when I did it I totally understood why. I only lasted for the first little bit before retiring to the sidelines 😦

It was so hot we decided to take a dip in the lovely waterfall fountain thingy.

Taking a pic from the sidelines of the ice walk!

What better way to cool off then to wait in line and stand infront of massive fans!

Water gun soldiers!

Water guns for public use 🙂


Little kiddies try to high jump. Very cute.

After the festivities we went back to my place, which never happens because I live quite far out, and we ordered pizza, which also never happens because I don’t know how to order in Korean! Oh and also at night the festival lit fireworks which I was able to see from my rooftop. It was pretty cool!

Busan International Music Festival

This festival was set right on a beautiful beach in the coastal city of Busan. The musical line-up composed of bands from Korean, Japan, Hong Kong and the States. None of which I actually knew…but still lots of fun!

Backdrop of the music fest!

The Festival from afar.

The firefighters made themselves useful by spraying the audience! It was very refreshing.

Best part of the night was getting fake tatoos!

Summer isn’t over yet! Muah!


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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