International Bodypainting Festival

Every year Daegu hosts a body painting festival. For three days countries from all over the world spend about 8 hours painting their subjects before sending them off for the final competition at the end of the evening. Throughout the day you can observe artists as they work while enjoying the regular festival sort of things like face painting and drinking. It was neat to see the entire process rather than the finished product as some projects did not turn out as you expected. Angela even saw a body canvas try to use the public washroom with paint all over her body. I didn’t get a pic of that though, sorry.

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During the festival if you got bored of drinking or watching people paint other people’s bodies you could sit near the stage and watch the many performances including, ducks walking across the stage from left to right, monkey’s bowing and pooing simultaneously, girls dancing and boys rapping. All in all it was entertaining but my favourite performance was an unexpected kung-fu fighting-type group. They walked out in suits and just starting fighting. It was epic.

Right now I have a bad case of red eyes so if you read this send me positive healing energy! Also if you’re reading this….Thank you and I like you 🙂


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My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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2 Responses to International Bodypainting Festival

  1. B-Rad says:

    That. Video. Was. Amazing.

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