Beijing Markets…bravery and game necessary

One thing that China does, oh so right, is food. Cheap, hearty and delicious. Well most of it anyways…

This little street offered everything from kebabs to bracelets, fruit skewers to scorpion skewers and every kind of souvenir imaginable. This is after all the land of cheaply made products.

Snake tasted like chicken but chewier ($2)

Large scorpions...I ate the smaller ones.

The Hat Man demonstrated how one hat could be used in so many ways such as a flower vase.

Egg drop soup and vegetables for 4 people ($6)

I don't know who would eat these. Maybe years ago but not no no no!

Beijing noodles ($1)

Starfish and other foul crap.

Sugar-coated fruit skewer ($3)

What I think is a coconut. I saw people holding these "coconuts" and drinking the juice inside through a straw.

I don't eat crab but I do know they are difficult to eat even with the proper utensils so I'm not sure how they are enjoyed as street food.

Melon skewers were nice after walking around on a hot day. ($.50)

Soup ($1)

I don't know what these are but I didn't like them.

Silk Street

Silk Street is the famous market in Beijing that constantly gets sued for their counterfeit apparels. I will never forget the endless aisles of fake brand names but  more so I will never forget the aggressiveness and bartering skills of these people. The vendors speak several languages to accommodate the international clientele. They also try many different tactics to see what will work on you including being flirty or they may try the feel sorry for me tactic pleaing, “I’m so poor, help me out friend.” They grabbed, got up in your face and followed you yelling out prices and pleas. Overall, it was very uncomfortable. They also start at rocket high prices. One woman wanted 400 RMB (aprx. $60) for a fridge magnet.  I only ended up paying 5 RMB ($1) but it was exhausting getting there. If you are going shopping in Beijing, don’t forget to pack your game.


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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