Halloween Korean style

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Korea…but foreigner-wise, it was the busiest I’ve ever seen downtown. I think I saw every person I’ve ever met in Daegu and then some.  What can I say, westerners love dressing up and boy, did we. Because Halloween is not all that popular here there are zero costume shops– everyone had to get really creative or order off the internet 🙂

A very fun night indeed…in fact I had so much fun I broke my glasses and my camera but I did manage to get a few pics before my misfortunes:

My lovely co-workers

We had a Halloween party at my school. The kids don't really get what Halloween is but they didn't oppose games and candy.

Nic and I decided to play up the couple outfits that are so popular among young Korean couples. We had matching tattoos and we were a lesbian couple which is not popular among young Korean couples.

Brad went as Fan Death. Most Koreans believe that if a fan is left running at night while you’re sleeping it will suck the oxygen out of the room and you’ll suffocate. Koreans take it very seriously and all fans sold in Korea come with an automatic timer that will shut your fan off at night!

I say this after every Halloween….but I wish there were two Halloweens a year!


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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