North Korea sucks.

Since the North’s attack on November 23rd several people back home have voiced concern about my well-being. I just want to say to everyone I am not worried and I don’t think you should be either.

Last time an event similar to Tuesday’s occurred, I was scared. There were 46 casualties, it was an obvious deliberate attack from North Korea and there was no motive behind it. I thought I was going home and I thought a war was going to break out. I did some homework and I asked various Koreans their point of view. As it turns out everybody thinks Kim-Jong-il is a crazy son a bitch who acts like a child. His leadership style remind me of Hitler. South Koreans want him to die a brutal death but not one person wanted war and I completely respect that. Why would anyone want war? War is not the answer. War would cost a lot of money and more lives on both sides of the border. Even my students wish that someday the Koreas will once again be reunited even though it may have “negative effect on the economy” as 12 year-old Owen put it.

Kim-Jong-il is sick and is believed to die any day now. His near death is thought to be the reason of recent attacks on South Korea to show he is still strong and able to conduct a war. Instead of biting the bait, South Korea chooses to withhold fire instead hitting them where it really hurts, pulling trade. North Korea does not have many friends and few countries want to trade with them resulting in food shortages. On my recent trip to the DMZ I saw that many trees were stripped of their bark as North Koreans have been using bark for food. Many are starving and South Korea has been helping them by sending truck loads of rice and corn despite the attacks because South Koreans are not evil and do not want their cousins of the North to starve.

Many people think China is North Korea’s friend. It’s not 1950 anymore and in present day China is set to be the strongest economy in the world by 2020. Why would they want to help a friendless country like North Korea who has nothing to offer them? According to the facebook movie I saw last night, there are more people in China with high IQs then there are people in the United States. I don’t know if this is true or not but it’s safe to say that the Chinese are not idiots. They have shown no support for war but have repeatedly tried to calm the heated waters.

At the end of the day, nobody wants a war.  One thing that does majorly suck because of all of this is that my visitor who was set to come next week has postponed her trip due to recent events. In the meantime I’m going to live my normal everyday life…I’ve got to prepare deviled eggs for my birthday lunch tomorrow and get ready to visit the animal shelter to walk some dogs.


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My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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One Response to North Korea sucks.

  1. Rodolfo says:

    I just wanted to get something off of my chest that really bugs me about N Korea, after doing some research and watching how the N Korean people are forced to live by their leadership, I would personally love to beat kim jong il’s ass. Whether I agree with their form of governance or not, and I do not agree, no people deserves to be subjugated like the N Koreans have been for so long, all for the benefit of a sociopath in power, kim. I watched how the N Koreans appear to be totally into the cult of kim, they worship him like some deity and yet he is the exact reason that the people suffer. And today again they are threatening S Korea to not conduct military drills, and Russia has joined the chorus for S Korea to back down. There is such a glaring double standard emerging it is ridiculous, let me see if I cannot understand how the major players in the region see this, China wants us (the U.S) to sit down and talk, so it is Ok to kill people completely unprovoked as N Korea has done and S Korea and the U.S. and its allies should passively sit by and begin talking to N Korea. And today I read that Russia has asked S Korea to not conduct live fire drills, so as not to provoke N Korea, there again, its Ok if N Korea kills people unprovoked but it is not Ok to respond in any way. I could be wrong but sitting back and doing nothing seems tantamount to rewarding kim’s petulant behavior and sending him the message that this is the way you can act and get results, kill innocent people and that’s ok. I realize there are global power shifts underway and allot of people see the U.S. in decline and they cheer as we fall economically. Well, listen up world, I have a news flash for you, communism is a failure, oh wait, lets compare the standard of living and freedom that Cubans, Russians, Chinese and N Koreans enjoy, THEY DON’T! They all, except for China who had integrated forms of capitalism with their communism, have masses of poor and huge divisions between those at the top and those at the bottom. I am not foolish and I certainly see the flaws in capitalism however if I stand them both side by side I will choose the U.S. brand of capitalism every day, I do not want to live in a place where the government controls all that I do and everywhere I go, centrally planned economies do not work, I guess that is the reason N Koreans have such a surplus of food and the people never starve, oh wait, that is not the case. Since I have descended into a rant, I just had to let someone know out there, if even only one person from overseas reads this, my Country is not dead yet, so you go ahead and cheer at what you perceive as the demise of the U.S., if we fall you are coming along for the ride, if the race to the bottom is not that far for you, thank your government. The fact is, that despite the worlds perception, the U.S., while far from perfect, has been good for the world and done good in the world. There is no perfect form of government, only combination’s of what has been tried before in some form. So this is my message to all the U.S. haters out here, reach back in history to World War II, a Japanese general opined that the Japanese would not want to attack the U.S. mainland because allot of U.S. citizens are armed, well, to all my communist douchebag leader friends throughout the world, some people here may embrace you, others, and there are allot of us, believe in what this great Nation was founded on and we are armed so you show up on my shore, I have something for you and your poorly equipped, under trained, underfed troops. I am just one old Marine who still believes in something and I am not ready to surrender nor will I as long as blood courses through my veins. And I hope that some idiot robot N Korean, Russian or Chinese censor reads this, you can all kiss my ass, my arguments above are valid and you can gripe all you want about my Country, but if you push, you might just get pushed back! Semper Fi!

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