I went to Shanghai…it was pretty cool.

My 2nd visit to the highest populated country in the world was very different from the first. Shanghai was vibrant, animated, sexy, modern, dynamic, very integrated and accepting of western culture. It was everything a vacation should be including visits to small Chinese villages, massages, food, sights, lights, fancy drinks, more food, lucky money and so much more.

A feast such as this one was eaten every lunch and dinner with different family members. I’ve never tried so many different foods in my life! All of the food was prepared fresh by the host family and placed on a lazy susan (rotating tray) allowing you to grab whatever you want with your chopsticks. The older generation also gives the younger generation lucky money which is money stuffed into a pretty red envelop meant to bring you luck in the following year. Even though this was the first time anyone in Tracy’s family had met me, I was still given lucky money like I was already apart of the family

Tracy's dad gave me the name, Mudan. China's national flower.

Kung fu tea helps digestion after the meal.

Toilet in a small Chinese Village. No I didn’t try it out.

I also…

posed for a pic by the famous Shanghai skyline.

ate some fresh sugarcane!

ate fresh dumplings.

consumed some eggs benedict (not Chinese at all but it's been over a year!)

indulged in some street food. Pretty sure this was pork. Sometimes I just didn’t want to know.

drank some traditional Chinese alcohol and nearly died. I kept arguing that they were giving me 53% proof oven cleaner but I was assured that I was drinking China's liquid pride.

ate some more dumplings!

saw how pearl farmers keep track of their oysters by using old bottles.

went to a water town.

saw these guys!

…captured this video of the amazing fireworks put on by locals! I was surprised that these fireworks were legal for purchase, but then again that’s China.

took my favourite picture of the trip.

watched people release wish lanterns into the night sky...

so many wishes. It was so beautiful!

Finally, when it came time to leave Shanghai, I was running late so I had to take the Maglev Train (magnetic levitation train) to the airport. I was so excited as I saw a documentary on this train. At certain times of the day the train reaches 431 km/hour taking a whole 7:20 minutes to get from downtown Shanghai to Pudong Airport. Amazing insanity!

In conclusion, if Shanghai wasn’t “foggy” everyday due to pollution, I could totally see myself camping out there for awhile. For now, Korea is still home.


About roxykesh

My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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