Looking through my pictures I couldn’t find one that perfectly summed up Bangkok. I was basically looking for a picture that had the words ABSOLUTELY CRAZY in big neon flashing letters. Had my friend/host, Brandon not arranged to meet me in the afternoon I probably would have ran back to the train and gone back to Malaysia. It was loud, fast, smelled of gas and within a few hours I’d already been taken for a fool! Scam artists are so good at what they do…

Anywho, I did the normal Bangkok stuff. I went to the night market, the day market, ate street pad thai for a dollar, saw some ladyboys, went out on Khosan Rd. and went for a massage at 3a.m.

My favourite part of Bangkok was walking around and finding random wats (temples). I found solace in the gardens and amoung the beautiful statues.

Such a beautiful monster protecting the Wat (temple)

When entering any temple you have to take your shoes off. You often have to remove your shoes for many stores, restaurants, hostels and of course homes.

The Emerald Buddha was discovered by accident when workers dropped it. The ugly stucco covering the statue broke up into little pieces but revealed a beautiful green colour. Apparently the Thais covered it with stucco to prevent it from being stolen during an invasion. I wasn't allowed to take an actual picture of the Buddha so the sign will have to do.

People were dipping these flowers into what I assume is blessed water and dabbing the water on their heads.

Stray dogs hanging out with some Buddhas.

Coconut milk soup and holy basil chicken and rice. Thai food has by far been the best and the cheapest. I never ate a meal that cost more than a few dollars and the ingredients are fresh and delicious.

Chiang Mai

After only spending a couple of days in crazy Bangkok I made my way up to Chiang Mai via overnight train. Other than a little boy throwing his spiderman underwear at me and throwing up because he was laughing so hard, the ride was very pleasant. I had heard Chiang Mai was a great place to camp out for a few days and just chill, eat good food, meet nice people and of course, shop!

Beautiful fresh ingredients

Ingredients to cook dishes like pad thai are bundled so you don't have to waste extra food. I thought this was a great idea.

A make shift fan keeps the flies away from the meat. Clever!

I took a cooking course. My cooking instructor, named A, who was dressed head to toe in pastel pink and said the word sexxxxxy a lot, showed us to make pad thai, green curry from scratch, spring rolls and another thai dish that I can't remember!

I saw the tigers...and played with them. There is a lot of controversy whether or not the tigers are drugged. I'm guessing since the Tiger Kingdom is not openly promoted in animal-friendly travel books then it's likely that they're drugged. The company claims that tigers are naturally people-friendly until a certain age but I can't imagine that they would be people-friendly from the hours of 9am-6pm.

This guy nervously asked me to take a picture of him and his girlfriend. He then showed me an engagement ring and asked me to capture their moment on video. I think I teared up more than the girlfriend. She said yes!

Chiang Mai was more relaxing than the bustling streets of Bangkok...but I wanted more. So I went to Pai. Check out my peace sign in the mirror. I'm so...awesome.


Everywhere I went I heard people talking about his small hippy town called Pai, pronounced pie. Only 3000 people reside in this small town but there was not one uncool person there. Even the stray dogs were happily bouncing on the streets running up to strangers begging to be petted periodically stopping in restaurants to be fed. I spent four nights here but I easily could have spent more. The food was yummy, the people were so laid back and friendly. I had made a few friends on the bus ride from Chiang Mai. Nothing bonds 9 strangers like 762 curves (no joke) making everyone feel nauseous. That trip is famous for making stomachs of steel feel sick. I’m happy to announce that I did not throw up although everyone on the bus had placed bets that I was going to be the first one. Amatuers.

Trying to find a place at first was...messy

i was worried about crossing this bridge late at night after having a few drinks. Turns out the bridge was washed away by a storm not long after I took this pic. Problem solved.

Rock slide!

The pretty streets at night.

The best view in town 🙂


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My name is Roxy and I am teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. Sometimes I write about it on this blog.
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